The "Care" in Healthcare

In the last month of my pregnancy with Little Man, The Husband's employer decided to switch insurance carriers on us. (It was just as pleasant as it sounds- dealing with two insurances at once, switching everything over, and of course, making sure the right bill got to the right insurance company from the right date. Lovely) 

As a result of this change, I got a nice little call to enroll in some baby/mommy care program the company offered. Even though I was already 8+ mos. pregnant. Honestly, I just wanted people to stop calling me about it, (I'd already had them call twice) so I signed up. They told me all the benefits: A package of information about pregnancy and newborn care, nurses on hand to take questions, and a free gift at the end! Whatever. I got the packet of info and promptly put it in the recycling bin, I thought the nurses would be nice to have- but they just ended up calling during the girls nap (my "free" time) and giving me vital pieces of advice like "lay off the street drugs" and "try not to smoke cigarettes" and one lady actually asked me "are you sure you don't drink alcoholic beverages... not even once in a while, like recreationally?" Nope. Sorry. Although really, do I sound drunk on the phone or something? Because they were pushing the "no alcohol thing- not even beer" pretty hard.

So finally I got the call... the last call. She took all the information- making sure I wasn't suicidal with postpartum depression- and told me my free gift was in the mail. I hung up and was just glad it was over. I try and be nice. I'm a nice person. So I didn't hang up on any of the calls from the nurses. But after about five calls, I was starting to dread the ringing of my phone. 

A couple days ago, my free gift arrived. A white (we all know how much I hate white stuff for babies/kids, right?) blanket with Aetna embroidered on the front. Gee, thanks. I think I'll put it in the room with all of our UPS memorabilia.

(Actually, it's going straight to our donation box. So if you see it at your local Goodwill or Deseret Industries, you're most welcome)


  1. it is such a "lovely" blanket too!!

  2. Hahaha! Damon's health insurance does the same thing and I'm so glad I didn't sigh up now! I'm headed for DI thought to look for that darling blanket!