Watering Plants

Perhaps the reason my plants are doing so well is because I have two reminders every morning that practically scream "water plants!" every morning when they wake up. Having brand new watering cans that are just as big as the girls also plays a part in this strong desire to help the plants grow.

Two things you should notice from this picture besides the adorable Bunny:
(a) See how much water went onto the patio instead of the plant? Yes. Sorry, plant. But we are practicing our Chinese Water Torture this week. (along with our ABC's)
(b) See the open front door, there? I'm pretty sure that's when Scotty made his big escape. (he's been escaping a lot lately) Good thing I went to go check the mail three hours later, and found him skulking back home. (not so fun in the real world, is it Scots? The wild doesn't feed you top of the line food for your special stomach- how about some gratitude, goshdarnit!)

Big watering can, tiny child.

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  1. What to send over the tiny children with the big watering cans? I just planted 5 containers of flowers on my porch and I'm hoping they break the streak that I kill every plant I come in contact with... but looks like the girls are better at keeping things alive than I am!