Craftiness Gone Awry

Hi, my name is Ashley. And I am addicted to shopping on etsy. I am in love with pretty much everything on there- I don't have house enough to fit all of the art that I have thought about purchasing.

I am currently in the middle of decorating the nursery and the girls' room. I have been drooling over this set of butterfly canvases. And this felt art sends me over the moon.

But the rational part of my brain tells me: "Um, hello? Don't you have a degree in art? How easy would it be for you to cut out a couple things out of some felt and stick 'em on a canvas? You used to paint! With oils!"

(sigh) Yes, I did. But I don't know. It's too messy. It involves stuff. I don't wanna! I want to hit the "commit to buy" button and be done with it. The frugal part of me (it's a very tiny, dark corner of my person) convinced me to do a diy art project for the boy.

I headed out to Hancock fabrics. Apparently, that is the fabric store for the over 60 set. If it wasn't licensed character print, it was ugly florals and mismatched stripes. Seriously, so ugly. I was able to find only ONE bolt of fabric that was semi-work-able.

But now I'm exhausted. I have blank canvases, 3 yards of cute fabric, and no motivation. (and $22 for fabric?! Outrageous!)


  1. http://nested.typepad.com/blog/2007/07/materials-you-w.html

    That fabric is super cute. What about this?? Maybe for the girls instead? Good luck! Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. Ha! While that is adorable, I laughed so hard that you thought I could even remotely have the skills to make it!

  3. Ooh, I love the canvases you linked to! So cute! Whatever you make will be cute - Miss CrafyAshley

  4. Try www.fabric.com ... I know how you like to shop from the comfort of your home ;). They have decent stuff on there...like Amy Butler and Alexander Henry. You have me hooked on that butterfly art!! Gonna have to figure out a way to make that!