The Guinea Pig

The husband is often pretty suspicious of my marvelous ideas and undertakings. So when I brought up the idea of testing out our new homemade detergent he was less than thrilled when I offered to do his dirty, stinky laundry in my mad scientist experiments. He outright refused to let me clean his work uniforms. Harumph!

So I saved the day and did the maiden wash with my own clothes. They are less stinky and dirty, but I guess if they are totally ruined by what the husband dubbed as "too much peppermint smell" then I would just live with it.


Opening the washer, the glorious scent of peppermint wafted through the laundry room- not too strong. Just right. The clothes were nice and soft- and upon folding, were perfectly clean. No clumps- no stains. (The real test will be the husband's dirty stinky clothes)

However, I have an HE machine- and it didn't use all the powder- so I was left with a big fat clump in the tray. I'm using a bit less than 1 oz.- which seems like practically nothing, but everything still turns up clean.

I'm pleased as punch with myself. After showing the husband "the numbers" he agreed that it was much more fiscally responsible to use the homemade powder- under much protest, though. (he's not a fan of my hippie side)


  1. That is so AWESOME! I'm definately interested in this- esp this summer when I'm not teaching and have no income coming in at all! ahhh! I do have a question- I have a front loader and have only used liquid detergent- is the HE a front loader (I'm dense- I do not know)

  2. In mine, there is a little thing I pull out if I want to do powder vs. liquid. We'll have to get together and perhaps I could figure it out for ya!