The Unnecessary Bladder

Get ready for more sharing of personal information on the internets! The tests have finally come back that I need my gallbladder out... and my liver is all inflamed and mad about it. In fact, I'm kind of mad about it. Doesn't my body understand that I don't have time for all this? I finally got all healed up from the c-section. So I should be good in the surgical department... for like, well, at least until the kids go to school and I become a little less "essential" to the cast and crew of this monkey show.

Anyway. I was pretty bummed yesterday. Have I already expressed my undying hatred for this year? Yes? Well then. It's certainly making sure I have very little to like about 2010 and will be anxiously awaiting what karmically must be the best year ever- 2011.

So last night, I was having a little pity party for myself on the couch while the hubs and I watched a pre-bedtime show after the kids were in quiet slumber. A character on the show had appendicitis and was lying around begging for soup after the removal, and I commented "that'll be me at some point... all pathetic and begging you for soup..." That's when the husband decided to pipe in with "No, that guy had an appendix out... you don't even need your appendix. You're having your gallbladder removed- you need your gallbladder, you know!"

Thanks for that, dear husband. Now I'm all panicked. I do need my gallbladder! I have no idea what it does, and I only vaguely know where it's located in by body due to the stab stabbing it's doing. But it probably does something! Something I need it to do! Will I be begging for more than just soup?! Will I be begging him to just smother me in a pillow already because a gallbladder-less existence is just too much?!

Thank you, internet. As someone has said, "The internet isn't just for porn!" You can find useful information about gallbladders!

And yes, for your information, I simply had to click on the "gallbladder starter kit" link there. Because what in the world could a gallbladder need with a "starter kit?!" The possibilities running through my head were just too exciting and exotic... and crazy. It turned out to be something completely boring and quite possibly useless.... and expensive. $135 for some random tinctures? For beets in pill-form?! I'll just have the surgery for free. And get an excuse to lay on the couch for a "week." (which in craftyashley actual recovery time will be equivalent to like, two days... that's all I can take of the being useless and sickly)


  1. you know carl had his gallbladder out, right? you could ask him about it....

  2. Ashley, I had emergency gallbladder surgery last May on Mother's day!! The surgery went pretty smooth and I can't really see a lot of difference without it. I know I can't over eat some fats, but even now that's better. My doctor said it takes your body about a year to adapt, and I think that's about right. I have seen the website on the starter kit and beets, but I really don't think you will need it. Minima had to have hers out right after she had us twins. I know it is common for gallbladders to act up after a pregnancy and it can be hereditary too. Maybe your dad needs to be on the look out...Good luck & keep us posted.

  3. Hey Ashley! I had the surgery one year after I got married...I had some serious attacks that were NO fun! My body can't tolerate a lot of fat or like late at night fatty foods most of the time but other than that don't stress! Without a gallbladder you will be just fine...I rarely notice a difference because I think I eat mostly the same as before! Good luck and don't fret too much!