Nowhere to go but UP!

There is a point where you hit rock bottom in the luck department. I was there yesterday. And I spread my misery and gloominess to the internet. Sorry 'bout that. Constant, searing pain will do that to you. But! There was luck to be had!

We had known since little man was born that a surgery would be in the near future for him. Luckily, I didn't know how risky and massive this particular procedure was. We met with the specialist yesterday. (even more luckily, my mom came with me, as I sat in the exam room huddled on a chair in pain) I'm so glad I didn't know how bad the diagnosis was before the specialist ruled that particular thing out. (and the peasants rejoiced) There will be a surgery, but it will be kind of minor, an outpatient thing, and the risks are much lower.

Score! I'll take that as my luck turning around! I'm sure I will be all sorts of crazed when it's actually time to give my little baby an epidural and general anesthesia... but for now, I am so very glad that this re-construction is only a sliver of what it could have been.

The only thing that could make this news better? A new car (or two) magically appearing in our driveway with no skeevy car salesmen attached. (a girl can always dream)

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