My grandfather was laid to rest today in Utah. And I'm bummed. I doubt I will ever get up there to see where he is buried. To really see it. (and part of me doesn't want it to be that final- I'm not sure the whole thing has sunk in completely for me yet) And I'm bummed that I'm missing out on seeing my awesome Utah family. They're awesome, hilarious, and I love them. I only get snippets of their life through Facebook or blogs. Seeing everybody would have rocked so very hard.

Having three kids is kind of a big fat anchor to my house or at least the general vicinity. All of me wanted to just throw the kids in the car and just drive... but then reality had to ask things like "how are you planning on washing/sanitizing the baby's bottles?" and "baby eats every three hours- how's that going to work on the road?" also "you think cramming yourself in a car for eight hours is a good idea for your incision- we all know it's just hobbling around on the healing front." Stupid reality. It was just impossible, and I was exhausted. But I'm still kicking myself that I'm down here and everyone (no, really, everyone) is up there.

I heard from some of the caravaners that there was ice- snow- things I don't know how to drive in... so it's probably good I didn't endanger all of our lives on the trek up. Yes. Safety is good and all, but... I'm lonely down here!

Heh. I'm playing the world's smallest violin for myself. Waaaah.

I promise- I'll be better tomorrow. And pssttt.... Utah family! You can come down here, y'know! You're always welcome at Chez Ashley! (french requires italics- it just does) Come crash at my casa, people! (that's right- two languages. That's how much I want you all down here! I'm dusting off the 'ol spanish!)


  1. Boy you missed a VERY cold, and exciting graveside service for your grandpa. There was a 21-gun salute, and a trumpet player playing "Taps". (Quite frankly, Marne' was a little worried about all those old men handling firearms) But we all got through and enjoyed a very nice pizza luncheon at the church afterwards. We asked your folks lots of questions about you and your kids. You were sorely missed. We really wanted to see the cute little ones up close, but TOTALLY understand why you had to stay home. We are working on getting a little "girls weekend" planned to come on down to Vegas and do a little shoppin'! Hope you are feeling better soon. Your grandpa was such a neat guy. He will be missed, I'm sure.

  2. We really missed you too! It totally sucks that the only time we see you guys is at funerals. We tried to talk your folks to coming up in July. I loved visiting with them today, we all just kept saying how much we wanted to see Ashley and Trent. Oh well, we have to make more of an effort to see you and the little ones before they are too big.
    I'm so sorry about your grandpa. You have to realize how lucky you are now to have an extra special angel watching over you and your family now! I know this is true.....I've got one too!

  3. Well, once I heard you weren't going to be there I was out! Just kiddin . . .I wasn't feelin the best.
    We are SOOOO coming down to Vegas because your mom and Marne' are the only TWO Donny and Marie fans IN THE WORLD, so we will be headed down!!

    Sorry about your grandpa. Your girls will miss him too. But it is nice knowing he can watch over you all the time now!

    **Just a note: I think it is down right hilarious that both my much OLDER sisters used the term "folks"! What are we?? Utah hicks?? Hmm . . .

  4. Ashley, you were missed today, but we totally understood your situation. I've loved reading your blog and hearing about you and your cute family. It was a total privilege to be able to be at your grandpa's graveside service today. What a special person he was! Of course seeing your mom and dad (cute twin bro) was awesome, even during sad times...your family is in our prayers.

    Aunt Terri

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  6. Hey Ash! Ya, I really wanted to see you! Vegas really isn't that far, so why don't we see each other more? We should at least plan a reunion, or somethin'. We really need to get our acts together. I am sorry to hear about your grandpa, he sounded like a great guy. Ok well tell trent to get his act together too! :) Love you guys!!!