Rain Time

I love the rain. However, it kind of messes up my plan of wearing out the kids at the park. This conundrum would be null if we lived somewhere awesome like Seattle. Because I would stuff our closet with amazing rain coats, umbrellas, and those hilarious galoshes that look like animals. (I almost purchase all of the above on a whim because they are adorable)

But when it rains on average twice a year, the expense simply isn't justified. (I need to convince the hubs to move to the northwest... the glorious northwest) And if I let my soaking wet kids play out in the cold, I would be a bad mother- with sick kids later in the week. Nobody wants that.

So I'll have to wear the kids out in different, and more creative ways. Perhaps you should check out totbargain's Free Fun Fridays? They're free, and usually involve the indoors.

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