Socially Acceptable

The other day I "cleaned myself up" and ventured out to the Target. (oh, have I missed you, old friend) On the drive over, I started to second guess myself. Yes, I had taken a shower and all, but are the bright green pajama pants and a grey hoodie with a very unfortunately placed spit up stain really ok to appear in public in? Here's the problem: my style hasn't much changed since high school. And it's super casual, so these two postpartum healing weeks have been less than stellar (bordering on obscenely horrible) for me in the clothes department. So I'm not sure if my "dressing up" is appropriate enough- it certainly is a step up from a nursing top and robe!

But still. In the winter I really only have a mix n' match Garanimals style assortment including jeans, a pullover hoodie, yoga/stretchy/pajama-ish pants, and a zip up hoodie. In the summer? Jean capris, random short sleeved tees, some short sleeved zip up hoodies, and yoga capris.

... all this makes me think I need a makeover... really bad. But I'm going to put it off until I am once again in a REAL size. Not maternity. Not I-feel-too-fat-still-to-buy-new-clothes. Not the too-casual look I've been flaunting for too many a year now. This may call for a professional. (weep)


  1. You always look so cute. I think that marriage has made me a little frumpy...I could use some of what you are talking about. Let me know when you go shopping!

  2. Ryan threatened to put me on What Not to Wear- and he did throw away a couple pairs of wonderful (of not a little dingy) flip flops- sigh- lets go shopping when your up for it! I need some makeover magic too! (and I'm waiting til I'm smaller too!) they say not to do that but I cant justify spending extra money on clothes when I dont' want to permanently wear them- also as long as your clothes don't have holes your good! btw if you need ANYTHING let me know! I'm two seconds away!