Fast Approaching

The end of Logan's paternity leave is coming full speed ahead like a runaway train coming at my face. I am so nervous and full of dread. The girls are still "adjusting" to having a new baby in the house. Their "adjustment" style seems to be running around on hyper-adrenaline, being consistently unreasonable and demanding, as well as being completely un-disciplinable. (take away the toy? Don't care! Stick them in time-out? Don't care! They just sit there laughing about being naughty!) It's frustrating as all get out.

Add to this the fact that this recovery is so much worse than when I had the twins. (I was entirely unprepared for this one- Mom jinxed it by saying "You know, you are three years older!" Way to make me feel ancient, Mom) I don't know why my body isn't bouncing back. It's just refusing to. After the doctor ripped (yes, ripped) the steri-strips (tape holding my skin together) off, I cried for about two hours. I'm still in pain- 2 days later. And suffering from some type of random allergic reaction from the adhesive. Great. Why can't I just get better?!

Aaaaand... the baby refuses to just lay there and watch the world go by. He demands to be held most of the day. So I decided to indulge in some retail therapy and bought a sling... this sling:
I am picturing myself beslung with a newborn, wrangling two toddlers, hunched over in pain from the surgery, cursing the husband for leaving me alone. (He promised this would not be the apocalypse! He promised!)

Anyway, not a pretty picture. Please just shoot me now. I think I might need to get online and buy more stuff. Amazon, here I come!

(It probably won't be so terribly bad, but the drama and the scariness is just overwhelming when Monday is looming over all our heads!)


  1. My skin literally blistered and peeled off from the tape (I hope you weren't eating) Dr. told me to get Benedryl cream. It really helped. You will be into a routine before you know it- just treasure the time Logan is home while you can.:-)

  2. Lucky, I have been thrown in full swing already...Nathan ventured back to work this week. Told me he would be home early (5 o'clockish) I haven't seen him before 7 all week. (oh wait, except for when he came home to take me to the Dr. because I was told I could drive until that appt) which was Wed. all I can say is 1. sorry recovery is harder this time round. I didn't have steri-strips just dissolving sutures and glue. LOL! But also I can say all three of my kids are also majorly hyperactive since Sophia's birth (I'm still wondering when it will wear off). I will also tell you it is getting easier as I establish a routine..

  3. that should have been could not drive until after that appt.

  4. Slings are all the rage here! I've been told they're life savers!

  5. I feel for you....I had some skin samples taken a few years ago becuase melanoma runs in my family and the doctor covered all the samples with that type of tape. When it came time to tale the tape off I had huge blisters and welts all across my back...I'm severely allergic to that tape. I used the benedryl creme too and it helped tons! I now have a phobia of anythings that sticks to skin; i.e. stickers, bandaids, etc. ....LOL!