Six Weeks

I am looking forward to having this c-section six weeks behind me. Why? (and no, it's not the reason your smutty minds have conjured. N.O. Not ready for that in the least!) Here are just a few reasons I can't wait for six weeks!

- I fully expect the doctor to give me the go ahead for exercise! I am just itching to take the triple stroller on the sidewalk! (since it doesn't even come close to fitting in my car- it will be my new jogging stroller) And it's taken all my willpower to keep from popping this baby into the DVD player. I desire to use my abdominal muscles! I desire to wear pants with a button and not a stretch band!

- I am dreaming up ways of getting rid of my post-operative grannie panties! Last time with the twins, I found that I wanted NOTHING even close to near my incision. High waist briefs fit the bill. But last time I thought I would have lost more weight after having the twins, and got a size too small in the grannie undies. I made the reverse mistake this time, and my panties go up to my boobs. (sorry for that mental picture, everyone) I'm thinking of new and creative ways of giving these underthings the boot: They would make a great parachute. The fire department could stretch them out and have fire victims fall from great heights into them. They could be the tent for a house that needs to be fumigated (although they lack circus stripes- but that could be fixed). I'm open to other options as well.

- I won't have the guilt of carrying/lifting the girls against doctor's orders.

- I can skip the routine blow-drying of my nether-regions after every shower. (my incision is not closing well, and getting water in there can cause infection) But boy, there is nothing sexier than watching yourself in the mirror wave the dryer... down there. (eye-roll)

- No more cotton balls! I've had to soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide to help the insane adhesive/steri-strip reaction heal. Logan was doing this... but he keeps forgetting to volunteer... so I am suffering through it. Oh- it's giving me the heeby jeebies just thinking about it! I can't believe I'm squeezing a cotton ball twice a day!

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  1. Pilates ROCKS!! You go girl . . .c-section sure sounds fun--makes me really appreciate ADOPTION!!