Filth and Motivation

Ok, so the house wasn't exactly "filthy." Cluttered? Messy beyond all reason? Probably more like that. This is when reading a bunch of random blogs pays off. I have been reading the adventures of Tara purely by happenstance. And this post is what I came across today.

I admired the spunk of posting pre-cleanup pictures of her house on the internet! For every random person (like me) to see! I would never have the guts to do such a thing.

Somehow I got the guts! I grabbed the camera and took the before pictures- totally as-is. Cleaned/organized, and I did it in under 60 minutes! (the baby had a fit all sixty of those minutes I wasn't holding him- but it was still worth it) So here is the house of shame. Gather your kids around for the lamest game of I Spy ever!

Dining Room:
Half empty paint can (someone asked for the exact color), random mail stuffs, empty box the sling came in, 4 kids coats, and one of mine, bag of yarn for future projects, and a warmer that I need to return to a very generous person who brought dinner in. And obviously the baby carrier- needs to stay up high from the peeing dog in our house.

Living Room:
Used diaper! Agh! Spit rag, twins' shoes, baby blankets, baby sling, diaper changing pad, and many, many more tiny things I can't see/forgotten about!

Just sooo much stuff. Including the non-perishable groceries (still in the bag!) from this morning's run!

More kitchen coverage:
How did it not drive me bonkers walking by that mess everyday?!

The Results!
It took a bit longer than I had thought because we're still in survival mode- and the baby's things don't really have a "place." So I had to make places- including emptying an entire kitchen cabinet for re-purposing and re-organization.

The Living Room:

The Dining Room:
Those first two were the easiest. I'm most proud of the kitchen. Even though it looks better in person than the pictures somehow!

The Kitchen:

Now the house is clean! (the downstairs anyway) And this pile of crap on the stairs awaiting to find a home in the messy upstairs. (the upstairs is for another day (or year) entirely)

Phew! Thanks, Tara! I needed that!


  1. Nice! And I have to say, your before pictures aren't that bad. ;-)

    And to do all that with a baby! I'm impressed! I took advantage of naptime for the younger, and let my older one play on the computer, heh...

  2. You are amazing, I can't imagine doing all that you do!

  3. look at you!!! my house STILL gets like that- errr yeah- and I DONT have three small children...eeek! you're a rock star!