The Hair Up Thar

Hair is an issue in our family. The twins are, shall we say, follecularly challenged. They sported the Patrick Stewart look for many a year in their infancy. Two little cue balls. This was completely unfair in my mind. Two girls and no ability to use bows, clips, pigtails of any sort until the girls were around 3. Even now, it's slim pickings up there. At this age they have the ability to reach up there and pull the cute hair accessories out- because sheesh, mom. We've lived this long without them, why start now! Unfair!

But baby boy! Was born with hair! Hair that seems to be multiplying on his head! It just keeps getting thicker. (I'm not talking peach fuzz here, people- actual hair!) I'm holding on to cautious optimism because the internet keeps telling me that the baby hair falls out. I refuse to believe this. I have a baby with hair. And while I probably can't put bows in his hair, (perhaps when husband is not around?) I run my hands through his luscious locks. My baby has freakin' hair!


  1. Tyler has hair, but it's so light people don't notice. He even sported a mohawk post-bath the other night -- so impressed! Babies with hair are fun. Little Gavin is a cutie.

  2. Ha- that was the same in our house! I am just now allowed to do fun things (other than the occassional clip that was once only allowed) at almost 5!