The Trauma and Drama

I outline this mostly to keep everyone apprised of poor little Bunny's progress. It streamlines things. (yay for the internet)

So anyway, we had an awful visit at the pediatrician's office. Apparently our regular pediatrician brought on another doctor, and I dislike her... a lot. She made me- the wondermommy of all mommies (heh)- feel like a babbling lunatic who has no idea what she's doing. No, the twins aren't potty trained yet. They just turned three four days ago. Would you like to take a crack at it, doc?! (and become pregnant at the same time?)

My nerves are fried- one kid is on antibiotics for an ear infection and the other has a mangled mouth. So what if we look a little ragged and I have my crazy eyes on? Cut me some slack, lady. Besides you left me in a tiny room with the twins for an hour waiting for you to come grace us with your presence. No one can be sane at that point. Besides, did you notice the huge belly? Yes? So why on this earth would you even bring up the whole "kids should only watch 2 hours of TV a day" thing?! Seriously, I wanted to roast your heart on a spit at that point. And yes, they drink more than 4 oz. of juice a day! Sue me! (at least it's 100% juice, right?!)

The next portion of our day was spent skipping naps and taking Addie to a pediatric dentist while the awesomest of brothers watched The Squirt. (side note: I love Anthem Pediatric Dentistry. And Dr. Cox. Love) However, the x-ray revealed that not only had she completely broken one tooth, but the other was beyond repair. So now we're staring down not having either of the "two front teeth" they sing about. And while Bunny was "sedated," she was merely spacey and still very much awake. This made her disoriented, freaked out, and crazy... with blood oozing out of her mouth. Lovely. It was at this point that I completely lost it. I am quite proud that I did not blubber all over the nice dental office and saved that little treat for the expensive international call to my parents. But after that long of this drama, I had no more composure left in me.

Evenings with a somewhat punch drunk three year old are... horrible. And that huge gaping hole in her little mouth just make me drown in grief. She's been asleep (thankfully) for half an hour so far and I am shell shocked from the trauma. I have suspicions that I will completely and utterly fall apart before bed; just like last night.

All of you that see The Bunny now minus her two adorable front teeth. Please be just as enamored as you were before. Please! Many thanks.

(and now I'm starting to cry all over again thinking about all the trouble we went through teething and bringing those two babies in... only to rip/break them out! What a sad, horrible, thought!)

Huge/Gigantic/Massive pity party at my house! (there will be chips and dip... and kleenex)


  1. Oh that breaks my heart! And you should NOT have to go through all of this right now! And for cyring out loud--where in the @*#$ are you parents!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, I bet the poor thing had the most intense headache hitting her head that hard. From mom to mom, that just breaks my heart. I know I would cry about it for days but know that she is beautiful the way she is. I sure hope the tooth fairy brought her something fabulous for those TWO beauts.

  3. oh my heck, what is the name of that doctor?!! she's getting a very nasty piece of your sister in law's mind!!! for cry freaking out loud!
    and ohmygoodness, poor addie! i can't believe they didn't put her all the way under! well, to be fair, maybe they didn't have the capabilities. and she was gonna loose those teeth in a couple of years anyway, don't fret too much!! yes, trauma ect, but in the long run, you haven't (and she hasn't) done any permanent damage at all! big hugs from me all around!