Bang, Crash, Cry

What happens when an over-zealous toddler is splashing and jumping around in the bathtub? A leap, a bang, a crash, and lots of crying. Last night The Bunny's teeth and the side of the tub had an explosive run in, ripping most of her front tooth out. And that's about when I completely lost it. (I'm going to blame the hormones for now) I dashed to the ER- a tip for you: they can't do anything unless she has a concussion. But still. She was bleeding- profusely- and SOMEONE was going to see my baby that night. And I was pretty sure that dentists didn't do after hours emergencies... pansies.

That's probably the whole reason they became dentists- so no one would wake them up in the middle of the night and drag them into work. But I digress. (and I also love all you dentists out there...)

Back to the harrowing tale...

I was frantically calling anyone with dental experience. Of course, my Dad was the first person I wanted to talk to- being in the dental field for I won't say how many years- who is naturally on vacation overseas right now... and it was probably 2am the next day over there (I don't do international dateline math)... not being able to talk to to a girl's daddy is horrible. I do not recommend for parents/grandparents to go on vacation... ever. That's always when the crap is going to hit the fan.
My dentist-y sister in law was also having call-receiving-issues. (way to go, Virginia!) It was massively sad and if made into a TV movie will have lots of tire screeching, high speed chases, all set to a Metallica track.

So now my sweet little baby is trying her best to eat some breakfast. (not even mushed up pears are soft enough for the "broken teef") And I have not stopped bawling ever since we left the ER. (I was able to keep it together there. Nobody wants to help an emotional wreck) I think it's just such a harsh way to learn that "we don't jump in the tub" lesson. For years now, she will be constantly reminded that she messed up when she was three and now only has one front tooth. Unfair! Why not just a little bump or scratch that would go away in a few days?!

I'm trying to not even think about what they're going to do to my sweet little Bunny at the dentist this afternoon. I've heard they are going to remove the tooth remnants... (cry, cry, cry)

Poor little pumpkin.


  1. er...dentists do make emergency in the middle of the night calls. i've done my fair share....and also a reminder that you have TWO sister in laws in the dental feild. (even if one is on hyatis right now, lol!) just in case this happens again (heaven forbid!!!), and you can't get ahold of one, you can probably get ahold of the other one. ;P

  2. awwww poor thing!!!! that just sounds soooo painful!!!! bless your heart too!!!! that's tough for a mama to go through too (esp. a pregnant mama!) let me know if there's anything I can do!!

  3. Sorry, Liz! I had two of Virginia's non-working numbers. I don't have you guys' phone! :) I would have called if I had it. And GRRRR to find out they DO emergency calls! Dentists are sneaky...

  4. lol! poor ashley. i'll email my phone # to you. and most dentists don't advertise that they take emergency after hours calls--they aren't emergency rooms after all, and people would (and have) call in with every little toothache thinking it's life and death. but if you call your regular dentists #, (and don't you dare tell any of them where you got this insider information--i value my life), they usually have an answering service that will page/call the dentist. like howyour regular general praction doctor's office works. let us know how she does, and give her big kisses and hugs from us!