Strap! Click!

I discovered a new technique to get the girls to take some cute pictures; Strap them in their carseats so they can't get away! I really wanted to catalog the adorableness of the girls today. As well as display Bunny's new smile. I am resisting the urge to post the gruesome pre-extraction pictures. (you can all thank me later)

See how cute her lil' toothless grin is?

For the record, this is what I got when I asked Bunny to show her teeth when we weren't strapped in and at Bunny's mercy to be nice and smile for the camera:
So you can now see and completely understand how lovely it makes the rest of these pictures look.

My Squirt is a ham. I love it.
(that was her impression of a dinosaur eating leaves, in case you were wondering)

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