A Tale of Two Sisters

(and probably picture overload- apologies in advance)

It was the best of times.... it was the worst of times.... at the Christmas display in the Bellagio Atrium...

It was the best of times for The Bunny, who soaked in all of the magical winter wonderland around every turn. She was captivated by every flower, train car, and twinkle star. She was almost more enjoyable to watch than the actual displays! The crowds were entranced by the cute little blonde dancing around in her bright red tutu.

What could be better than a snowman 5x your size?
(notice the patented hair twirl)

It was the worst of times for The Squirt. She's so shy and has such delicate little nerves. The noisy construction at City Center freaked her out as soon as we found a park and got out of the car. She demanded the stroller, and pretty much stayed in there the whole time; fussing and whining of course. (large crowds just aren't her thing) And as luck would have it, Squirt was the one screaming the loudest in protest as we left.

None too impressed. That's my little girl!

And apparently, going to see all the pretty Christmas decor at the Bellagio is a nail biting experience.

Hey! That's cool! (Yes, it is, Squirt. All of this probably cost more than the house you live in)

A picture! One taken with The Squirt out of the stroller! And looking pleasantly happy! (the peasants rejoice)


  1. Are you planning to take them to Santa this year? Town Square has a great Santa House and snow every 30 minutes.

  2. I want to come to the Bellagio :(