Plumber's Crack

Tonight I am wired. Wired, I tell yas! I have been noticing a small drip coming out of my faucet. It's been going on for a few weeks now, and I've been meaning to take care of it. (and by "take care of it" I mean ask my Dad) But tonight I am on fire. Probably from the lack of sleep, and the lack of ability to obtain said sleep. (can anyone say "zombie?") And this whole leaky faucet is really grinding my guavas. I ask the husband to take a look at it. His solution? Push on it real hard to get it to stop.... now it drips even faster. (Thanks, hon, big help) He is about zero percent handy. While I am at a firm ten percent handy. So I looked it up. (here if you want) I would be upstairs doing said fix right now, but husband has insisted he get some sleep and has dismissed me as a crazy lunatic who can't calm down about a leaky faucet. So here's how I see this all going down:

(1) I do what this tutorial says and either (a) find nothing wrong, (b) break the thing accidentally, or (c) don't know how to put it back together. This lands me at (2) buying new (fancier) faucets and paying my Dad in cookies to come replace it... and maybe the light fixtures (because hey, they have to match the new faucets!)
Although (1) can be circumvented by (1a), giving up after simply finding a wrench because it all looks a little too over my head. And the idea of totally messing up the entire house's plumbing seems like a gamble to me.
(yes, I may have a thing for flow charts- I considered drawing one up, but didn't want to waste the time uploading a picture)

Updates to come. (and maybe that flow chart as well)

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