Cooking Fail

This batch of caramel quickly turned into dress-rehearsal for my actual candy-making debut. (if I even make it to that point) They are supposed to be cut and wrapped and placed in cute Christmas-y boxes to take to neighbors. That.... didn't so much happen this time around.

This caused me to end up with a 9x13 pan of sugary goo.

Never to let the kitchen get the best of me- I sliced up some apples and made it work. So then I only had to throw out a 9x13 pan of sugary goo minus two spoonfuls. Win.

Don't get me wrong, I like to cook/bake/mess around in the kitchen. I just wish it turned out better. I think I'm a chef stuck in a cookie-burner's body. I get it in theory, but things rarely turn out as planned- or at all edible.


  1. That happened when I attempted caramel for the first time. If you have your candy thermometer, wait until it reaches 250 degrees and then keep it at that temp for 2 minutes. 240 degrees is not hot enough. The extra 10 degrees make the perfect caramel consistency. good luck with round two!

  2. That's my problem. I am pretty wishy-washy about measurements, accuracy, and precision.