We here at the nut house, find it enjoyable to shove all the excitement into two months and then stay ultra-boring the rest of the year. That's why I am teaching the twins a certain sequence of events: (1) Christmas: when Santa puts presents in our socks. (2) Birthday: when we sing the "happy birthday song" to the girls. (3) Baby time: when new baby brother arrives!

I am way too excited for this Christmas. Way too excited for a person who refuses to put up even minimal decor and a tree... No, I'm excited to give the girls' their presents! It takes some of my self-control (nay- ALL of my self-control) to keep from busting the play kitchen open and playing with it rightnow, thisverysecond.

Christmas morning cannot come soon enough. I've already sorted and donated/packed away all of the girls' baby toys. So the toy bins around here are pretty scarce. Oh, Christmas, please come soon! (so that I can lay on the couch and watch "my stories" while the kids play peacefully with new toys for a whole ten seconds)

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  1. Oh I feel the very same way!! I just love Christmas through the eyes of my little girls!