Names, Names, Names.

"It's all too much!"
-Squirt likes to proclaim when we make her walk down the stairs all by herself.

I share this sentiment! It is all too much! Naming a person... for the rest of their lives... which science has speculated can mold one's entire personality! How can we decide! And it's not just me who has to decide, (which would be hard enough) no. I have to involve the hubs in this too! (which makes it impossible)

And... I have become obsessed with Grey's Anatomy... again. Apparently, it's something that just happens to me when I'm pregnant. Like morning sickness and a giant belly. I'm pretty sure that's how Bunny got her name. (although you will be hard pressed to get me to admit it)

But now! It's worse! Perhaps it's that the new season has started and they play two hours of re runs on Lifetime. I am getting an overdose of Grey's everyday. Because I was contemplating...

... if I was having a girl, I would name her Christina. As in Cristina Yang. Because she is quite possibly AWESOME beyond all reason! And I wish I could be more like her.

... if the husband would let me, I would name this little boy Archer. Like Addison's brother on the show. But he refuses because it's too... well, naming your kids after a TV show. (and the character is kind of a man-whore... a somewhat valid point)

... if I liked the name Derek more, I would sooo name him Derek. But the name annoys me. I'll just have to hope this little one can have great hair and be as handsome and charismatic on his own.

So anyway. No decisions. Boy names are too hard! All the good boy names are being taken over by the girls. So you can probably all stop asking. No, we haven't picked a name... I am doubtful we ever will. I just hope we don't have to resort to calling the kid "blanket" or something.


  1. If you're not totally opposed to it, Logan is a very nice, masculine name. I don't know how Logan would feel about naming his son after himself, but thought I'd throw it out there. I was just thinking about my kids names today & how Logan is my fav. GL choosing & fielding all the questions I'm sure you're getting!

  2. Oh.. I was just going to suggest Logan too! :)

  3. So funny that you brought this up... as I was watching on Thurs, I thought "Thatcher" was a cool name. Too bad Meredith's father is such a tool. :-)

  4. Archer is totally cool! lol. BUt yes, it's hard to be responsible for what a child will be named for the rest of their lives!!

  5. hahaa!!! Hailyn was going to be 'Lexie Grace' SERIOUSLY!!!! so there's an avid GREY's fan for you;) yea the boy names on the show don't rock as much- Derek- pass. Mark? nope. George? as in Curious George- no monkey business here! hmmm.... what's Christina's boyfriends name? I also loved the name Sadie until Meredith's friend came on- anyhow Archer is a SUPER cute name- Archer Logan? I like it! who cares if its a Grey's name?

  6. Well, you *could* go Hollywood and name him "Moon Unit" or "Apple" or, well, wait a minute... no self-respecting grandma could call their grandson "blanket" or any of those other crazy names.

    Or go "RHYMIE"...
    Ryan Bryan.....LOL.

    I actually really like the name, Marcus. Very cute yet distinguised. Or Joshua? or Ethan?
    Jason? Or Mason? or Cameron?

    Don't give up hope --- you'll find just the right name when you look deep into his baby blue eyes and see heaven there.... the name will come!

    Love you!

  7. Maybe that's why we haven't had kids yet - we just can't agree on any names!

  8. We have always had a boy name picked out and well, we don't have boys so you can have it if you want. :) Good luck. Names are SO hard!! At times, I am still on the fence with the one's we've chosen. I'm just afraid they will hate them when they are older.

  9. we had that problem too before we knew we were having a girl. but by the time we went to the gender scan, we had one – Garrett. it was SO hard though! girl names came much easier for us, also. just think, at least you're not married to a teacher! every time i would suggest something, nick would say "no way, that girl blah blah blah". ahhhhhh. you'll find something cool by the time he gets here. no worries!

  10. Hello darlin'! How's the circus? I so enjoy your charning wit! Yuu and your brother sure have a way with words. Congrats on the new blessing. He is sure to have a fitting name when is comes to you. I kinda think Archer is cute. Since I don't watch much TV, I would not have gotten the grey's connection. Not an issue. Anyway, have a great day! Hug the twins for me! kisses, bren

  11. You are totally funny! I love Grey's too, minus the girls kissing.

  12. I am totally a Grey's fan too, minus the women making out. You'll find the perfect name. Talk to you soon girly!