Barefoot in the Kitchen

For the past few days, the state of our household has looked something like this: (notice the pout)

Kids are waking up early, mommy is exhausted, twins are cranky... so the schedule has been mostly inclusive of leaving the back door open while mommy naps on the couch. Then mommy gets hungry and starts feeling domestic, so we all don our aprons and make something in the kitchen. Those cute new aprons are from Art in the Park, and we're hoping they'll grow into them... but at least their socks will stay clean while cooking!

The girls are super helpers- this afternoon we made "special mac" (it has butternut squash- and I highly recommend it) Yesterday we made chocolate cuppie cakes... extra-yum! (so you know we're not total health nuts)

We require lots of extra cheese on top.
(and you may notice that bit of blue painter's tape on our fridge- below is the lengthy explanation)

And grabbing a small bite before it goes in the oven is a must in our house.
It's called "quality control."

Time is always slower when there's a timer on the oven.

Exciting times!

Looking through all the cute kitchen pictures, I was annoyed that the little tape on our fridge was in quite a few of them. By way of explanation: in my (oh so fun) pregnancy, I not only have a hightened sensitivity to smell, but also to sound. The biggest offender of this auditory sensitivity is the fridge. I broke it after the little plastic border around the water dispenser constantly pushing it back in because it was "rattling" constantly. Well, breaking it only makes this horrid rattling worse! During the summer the darned fridge runs 24/7. I actually contemplated dashing down to the store and buy a whole new fridge... I have been on the edge of sanity due to this appliance. The husband is less than sympathetic to my pleas for a new fridge. So the tape is the best I could do. It doesn't even really help. But something has to be there in a vain attempt to stop the noise!

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  1. What cute girls you have in such cute aprons! Isn't cooking so much fun when you have a little help!