The Lazy is Stealing Memories

The lazy side of me insists that the girls are too young to really enjoy trick or treating. It tells me the girls would probably enjoy giving out candy to all of the dressed up little children that come to our door. So I'm making the decision. We're going to do the "drive-thru" version of Halloween this year. (we don't even have to leave the house!)

Sure, I could scour the house in search of some kind of (climate appropriate) costume (x2), and I could take a shower and everything, I could even make little homemade treats to take to some of our neighbor-friends. But that would be work, and the lazy side is winning today. And being nauseous near the third trimester is really not helping matters one bit... besides who am I kidding? No one is ever going to confuse me for Little Holly Homemaker!


  1. I am so glad you found me! So I back tracked on your blog to catch me up on the last little while. So... 1) I am pretty sure I know your mother. Is she the Stake RS Sect. for the Warm Springs Stake? I am pretty sure that is her in the picture. 2) I am totally with you on the whole dog stroller thing. I saw one the other day and totally had to take a double look to make sure a lady was really, REALLY strolling her dog. 3) I can't believe the gas was on for so long in your house! I am so gald you all are alright.

  2. Heh, you are so funny, Tara. And yes, it looks like you do know my Mom! :)