Don't Trust Italy

Sad story. A certain mother of mine brought the girls little red aprons straight from Italy. They wore said aprons while carving pumpkins, and said aprons needed washing.

Being a washer-savvy mommy, I put these red aprons into a load with other dark colors. Still it was a mistake. The girls cute green cupcake shirts look like they are tye-dyed... red. Everything is red. Every single article of "dark" clothing is streaked red.

And I am mad. So very, very mad at Italy for their sub-par dying abilities. That dye is crap. It is red crap dye. And I hate it. And I am hoping that the crapload of detergent I dumped in there will save the entire load. Oh, I hope it does.

I may have just developed a phobia- the phobia of foreign dyes.

After having a major freak-out... I have hit the internet for some options to try:

- never put clothes that have bled in the dryer.
- Saltwater soak: 1 cup salt to half gallon of lukewarm water, then soak for at least 30 mins. wash in cold water.
- Vinegar soak: 1/2 cup to half gallon of water, then soak for at least 30 mins. wash in cold water.
- Rewash laundry in Rit dye/color remover- but the clothes might not handle it too well, depending on what they are made out of.

I am going to try all of these until something works. Now it's personal...


  1. Doesn't Rit or another company make something to fix that?

    Here's something I found (if you haven't thrown out offending aprons & the offended clothes yet): http://feu.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090829154541AAa4Vx5

    Good luck! It's always frustrating when laundry goes wrong.

  2. i've done the vinegar thing. it works. good luck. :)

  3. Good information, Ashley. Update us on whether those clothes were salvagable or not. I'm sure I'll run into that situation one day (I will avoid foreign dyes from now on, though).

  4. Update: Nothing worked. It is slightly less red, but still most of it is headed for the trash. I think this means I need to go... shopping?