Fall Project

I blame it all on the Lifetime channel with their straight 3 hours of Grey's Anatomy re-runs placed strategically during naptime. Now I no longer have the will to take a nap myself, get chores done, or take a shower. (ewww)

I was supposed to curl my hair all cute and nice for my brother's big birthday dinner last night. (Happy Birthday, Trent) But after drying my hair I threw in the towel and settled in for some quality time with my Grey's. After feeling more than a little bit guilty for being so lazy and unmotivated, I decided I needed to be productive while watching my shows. (Because not watching just isn't not gonna happen)

In a moment of inspiration, I had been browsing knitzees and drooling over their cute baby knitted-ness, but couldn't find a pattern/color that I was actually willing to shovel out a fortune for, and thus I decided to take up knitting... again.

In the spirit of one of my new favorite blogs, you may notice the half-finished scarf meant for my brother when he headed up to Rexburg for school... an embarrassing 3+ years ago... (sidenote: have you ever noticed how long scarves are?! It's a lot of, um, work!)

But no! I am going to stick to it! (irreguardless of the fact that I can't purl- just knit) I'm going to make new baby a super cute hat that he can come home from the hospital in. It will be handmade by mommy... and it's gonna be SPECIAL, darnit! SPECIAL!

...and if that magnificent, fool-proof (heh) plan doesn't work out, I'm pretty sure I could slap together some tiny scarves for the twins...


  1. I've wanted to learn to knit forever! But it just seems a bit....hard?? I dunno. So good luck!
    And that blog is hilarious.

  2. I have a 3/4 crocheted scarf in the bottom of my nightstand in a box of yarn I worked on while preggo with Jackson- how's that for procrastination? But seriously impressed you can knit. Wanna teach me? We can greys knit together? And pretend we don't have crazy children... Just a thought.