Victory... or Not?

My quest to defeat the binkie has been long and arduous. I tried all sorts of trickery, but nothing worked. Getting it down to nap/bed time was easy. Erasing it completely from our lives? Seemed impossible. The Build A Bear was my last resort. I was wary because I worried the girls wouldn't quite understand it, and then we'd end up with a binkie and a bear at bedtime.

The binkie had been my good compadre as well! It assured a long and quiet night. And that ranks pretty high on my list of "must haves." I was sure this whole song and dance of peaceful sleeping twins was all a house of cards- remove a binkie and I was going to be toast!

We made the trek to the Galleria Mall- the girls picked out a velvety puppy- and we jammed those binkies in there! There was excitement. There was trepidation. There was Chevy's afterwards.
As bedtime neared we were constantly reminding the girls that their fluffy new friend was the "binky puppa" and lived on their big girl beds.

I was so nervous. But it was fine. A little pouting over the missed binkies, but nothing major. Happy sleeping. And I started to believe I was just about invincible. I had successfully transitioned into beds with nary a problem (those were yet to come) and cut out the binkie! All in one weekend!

Then the napping stopped. It almost drove me off a cliff. Naps are so important to my sanity.

Separate for naptime. Done and done

Then The Squirt had a cry-fest meltdown over binkies. The only thing to do was let her cry it out. Now she's over-tired, and has big red circles under the eyes after her so called nap.

Optimism bruised.

On to tomorrow...


  1. Its a good strategy...exactly what we had to do for Bella, who had a Binky weeeeell into her 2s. It was the same way, too...she liked it at first, then had to get used to it. SUCH a comfort, that binky!

  2. GO you!!!!! You'll beat it! Good luck with everything!