Product Review: Tot Lok

I am not hard core about babyproofing. A search of my house would reveal I do not actually own one socket cover. But I am hard core about my kids not getting into my cabinets. I refuse to have two toddlers banging on my pots with a spoon. (Although keeping them away from the Raid spray is a lovely bonus) So right off the bat we installed the Tot Lok system. It was hard to drill into my brand new walnut cabinetry, but keeping my handy man Dad close by helped. I hear they have come out with a non-drill set... of course.... after I drill permanent holes into my pristine cabinet doors. Whatever, I'm over it.

Anyway, back to the review: Works like a charm! The kids don't even try any more! To them, the knobs on the cabinets are just for show! In fact, they are also adult proof. For if you loose the magnet-key, you will not be making cookies with your mixing bowl or your cookie sheets until you find it.
And a warning, if you have two magnet-keys, the laws of the universe dictate you will permanently loose one leaving you with just a single key for eternity. Try not to loose that one, or you will be making a pretty hasty run to the store to buy a replacement. You would be surprised at how much you use the stuff you store in your kitchen!


  1. A blog stalker (a friend of Sarah’s) coming out to comment . . .
    We have these in all our (lower) cabinets in our house and I LOVE them!!! Oh – and we have about 5 keys, I was too afraid to not have several to lose. :-)
    I also love how you can temporarily unlock them (the red lever thingy), which comes in handy if you have house-sitters, etc . . .

  2. Always love comments from my stalkers! lol
    And yes- that red lever is my best friend. Feels like I'm not permanently ruining my cabinets.

  3. I totally need those!! Could you send your dad my way to install them? Cause we all know the hubs isn't about to do it!

  4. Installation tip from my dad: measure how far the drill can go in before it comes out the other side, then put some tape on that line, so you don't go right through when drilling the holes for the metal. Other than that, the instructions and kit should work pretty well! :)