Things I Forgot- Vol. 1

Things I forgot about being pregnant:

1. No caffeine. (for nine months? I don't know if I'll make it)
2. No hot dogs (the only thing I crave when I'm pregnant. I could take 'em or leave 'em otherwise)
3. The gut wrenching nausea. Sometimes the Zofran works wonders, sometimes.... not.
4. Things taste different/weird. Nothing sounds/tastes/smells/looks good... except Del Taco.
5. I have a husband who will go fetch Del Taco at 9pm. (I love him the most with a burrito in his hand)
6. My waistline will expand to epic proportions. I'm going to have to get the fat clothes unpacked. I really don't want to open that box!


  1. Yeah number 1 is hard! But Del Taco - I will pick up for you! We go there at least once a week! Let me know when you have that craving and I will be there before you know it! :)

  2. OH dear.. I'm sorry :) I forgot things about being pregnant too that's why I was so paranoid.. haha :) I forgot how it felt and everything.. So yeah.. Have fun :) Its less than 9 months now ;) hehe.. And then it MIGHT be worth the crap.. haha..

  3. Ahhhh yes, the 'pleasures' about pregnancy...I couldn't eat meat or ice cream for six months- yeah that was awful! hang in there...eventually things will taste normal again:)Let me know when you need a Del Taco fix and I'll bring you some lunch:)

  4. why not hot dogs? I guess I am bad, I eat hot dogs while pregnant...never heard I couldn't...everything else I agree with you...although #1 I have no issues with...

  5. Congratulations!!

    I haven't had Del Taco in years (none in Austin). Suddenly a chicken taco sounds so so good.

  6. That is a sad list but worth it! I always love rootbeer pregnant and don't want that diet coke stuff so try it and maybe you'll feel better about #1! Good luck!