Losing my Scruples!

Some of the things I swore I would never do with my kids:

- let them watch TV. (Happens all the time, the DVR is filled with kid shows)
- give them hot dogs. (A more recent development. Although it's always turkey or all beef- not sure if that even makes a difference)
- let them eat outside of their highchairs. (It's just impossible)
- put them in their cribs just to get a second without fighting. (Like this morning)
- yell "just wait till your father gets home!" (Again, like this morning)
- give them any sort of sweets. (A rarity, but it still happens)
- keep shopping even though my kids are screaming. (I always thought "What is wrong with those parents?" Now I know, I'd never get anything done if I left a store just because my kids were throwing a fit)
-leave the house with either spit up, cereal, or kid-prints on my clothes. (My standards are pretty low now, my husband just pulled a cheerio off my pants as I was leaving for the store... nice)


  1. I, too, have broken my vows of preferred child raising. I guess I just try to muddle through each day -- trying not to feel too guilty when they're watching TV (yet again) or not eating as well as they should. Now I know why there's the term "Mother's Guilt." :)

  2. The good news is that you only have 8 things on your list...my list is a bit longer :)