Annoyed by George

The twins' new favorite show is Curious George. I'm so very annoyed by him! I watch kids shows; on a daily basis, in fact! But Curious George has got to rank #1 in top most annoying shows! Who thinks it's a good idea to (ever!) leave that monkey alone?! Agh! It's hard to watch someone leave that monkey with something important that he isn't supposed to wreck, and then watch him proceed to completely wreck it. It grates on my last nerve! I end up yelling at the TV crying "No! Man in the Yellow Hat! Don't leave him with that!"
Further proof that I am slowly spirally down to crazy lunatic.


  1. all PBS shows give me the willies...there is a reason you can get them for free ;) hehe. I used to hate Dora and Diego, but it's hard to resist pleading toddlers.

  2. I like PBS ;)

    This is why I try not to be in the room when I turn on the TV. That hour a day is the only time I get anything done inside the house, so I use it wisely!