Unfinished Projects

Unfinished projects: AKA chaos!
Why am I posting crazy messy pictures of my house on the worldwide web? I need motivation! There are too many things to do around here and I'm feeling overwhelmed! I have to get some of this stuff done before it drives me to psychosis!

The paperwork arrived for the crib recall! I hate having my cute nursery look like this. And the girls do not enjoy sleeping in temporary cribs either. This project takes the top spot on the priority list. I want a clean, orderly nursery once again!
Why do we have two very large and very heavy mirrors right next to our bed? A project! One that Logan thinks is too much work and we have been putting it off since! And yes, I painted our bedroom lime green. It's the boldest thing I've ever done- and I love it!
Those mirrors in the bedroom are supposed to replace that 8 ft. mirror in our bathroom. (standard issue builder crap!) The conflict stems from Logan's unwillingness to take out said mirror. Having my Dad assure us that the process of taking it out would surely end in a visit to the ER hasn't helped the motivation.
My loft. It is rather large, but it also has a rather large pile of crap all over it at the moment. My mom sent me an email with suggestions on how to organize it. I couldn't stop laughing. This is at the last of the priority list. Sorry, loft!

The garden. Ah, I had such high hopes for you. I've bought quite a few plants... that eventually died in those black canisters from the nursery. Never planted one. The problem is really the planter itself. Structural issues that I have yet to resolve. See how "level" the stones are?

I'm considering all of these "before" pictures. Stay tuned for the reveal of the "after" pics! (TBA)


  1. I have a list of my own! Props to you for having the guts to post yours! I'm slowly getting mine knocked off so I can get to the fun ones (like hanging mirrors) mine right now are clearing junk, cleaning out rooms, and still unpacking! Good luck - you're list is motivating me!

  2. I will not get into my list of "90% finished projects." That is Jason's motto! I can say that we did the bathroom mirror thing in our old house and are waiting to find the right mirrors for this house- it is not as bad as you would think. Feel free to ask if you want any advice.

  3. That IS my life right now - project, project, project. Althought I love projects - I'm always eager to get them all done at once and then I get overwhelmed just like you. Taking your time isn't such a bad idea - just hard to follow. Good luck Ashley - let me know if you need help!!