Crib Craziness

So as it turns out, the girls' cribs have been recalled. They are at the tail end of using their cribs, but it infuriates me to no end that the crib we paid good money for was so ridiculously unsafe! So I am totally going to get new cribs- on the dumb manufacturer. The question is- what kind? We got our cribs right before the trend toward this awesomely new style of cribs came out. Time to redecorate? Pick your favorite!

Crib #1: So deliciously modern.Crib #2: Love the simple mission style!Crib #3: Quirky, and different!
Crib #4: Mod baby! (although temporarily out of stock)Update: The new modern style wasn't selling very well or something, because my trip to browse turned into ramming my head into the wall; the cribs all the look the same! Seriously! All of them! Look exactly the same! They don't have any of these cool modern ones in store! Apparently I can only get replacement cribs at the store and not off the internet. Gah! Thwarted again by Babies r' Us!


  1. I love crib #1 and #4... :o) very cool looking and the bottom drawer seems like a huge plus!

  2. I like #2 & #3. All are way cool, though.

  3. My friend has #4 and it is really awesome. Her decor is not too modern, but it just looks sharp. #2 is very classic, but fairly common. so I vote 3 or 4. Make sure you let us know your final decision!!!

  4. I like crib three- but all are fabulous in thier own way (I love four but out of stock- hmmmm) also number one is AWESOME!