Egg Hunting

Mommy is a candy-Nazi. I have been thinking of things to put in the eggs; raisins, goldfish crackers, etc. Kinda lame. Then I found these huge eggs with little toys inside. (non-choking hazard toys) They were a huge hit. I think egg hunting is right up their alley!

This really was a happy face!

Oh the cuteness!

Bunny can open and close up the eggs on her own. Squirt is convinced she needs help.


  1. Oh my goodness! Those pictures are so precious! Holding the basket and the egg in the air. SO SO SO CUTE!

  2. You're so good about candy -- Alyssa has chocolate on her face at this very moment. Very cute pics, Ashley! I agree with Kerry.

  3. FUN! CUTE! Love the toy idea! Also Calli told me they used to get money in their eggs (dimes, quarters, ect. ) and one egg- the golden egg had a $5! woohoo! I think I'll do that when the kids are bigger- and have them save it- maybe I'll steal the toy idea too- then they can have a few pieces of candy in thier baskets! great idea!

  4. too cute! Hey can you email me your address? mattnkari@gmail.com thanks!!

  5. Look at those little cuties! They are growing up way too fast. I did the raisins & goldfish last year- it worked fine, but this year Norah was way too up to speed on the candy thing.