Easter Dresses

It was inevitable. I would spend heaps of time getting the girls dressed up for Easter- and it would all come crashing down within ten minutes. So I took scads of pictures as soon as I was done primping them.
Disclaimer: Squirt was pretty unwilling to have her picture taken, so there's only one in this bunch. I'll give someone a candy bar if they can pick out which one it is! Also- in some shots it looks like I gave the girls a very unfortunate side-ponytail. This is an illusion. I only had two ribbon barrettes, so each girl got one. But they do have pigtails.


  1. OH my goodness!! That first picture looks like a picture I've seen of you as a little girl!! (Sorry I'm still having a hard time telling those darling twins apart..) But I looked at it was like wait is that a picture of Ashley as a little girl!?
    But they are so adorable!!! :) how cute!

  2. They're starting to look a lot like me when I was a little girl. It's so great! :)

  3. Love those dresses! Your girls look so cute in them. And love the hair accessories! I did find some skirts. However, my silly camera won't download the pictures from yesterday. We are currently not getting along. Once I get them downloaded, I will post a picture or two. I would love to have two girls as cute as yours!