Too Soon?

You can't blame me for trying. I saw the dim light at the end of the diaper tunnel. I saw a diaperless future ahead of me... and it looked so tasty. I just had to crack open the Elmo potty... just to see if it was time to put down the diaper cream. Alas- it is not my time. The girls were curious about the Elmo potty, then completely panic-stricken.

Diapers.... you win this round.


  1. That is the mirror image of Aubree...she despises the toilet...ugh. Diaperless? Could there BE such a thing?! I hate potty-training with a passion :).

  2. Awww....no worries! It'll happen soon- promise! (just so you know and if it makes you feel any better) I'm already counting the days/diapers until we are diaperless in our house- yeah my daughter is five months old... sigh... when thier ready their ready- hang in there!!!:)

  3. As much as it grossed me out to have to dump my child's potty, I broke down and got the little one that sits on the floor. Norah freaked out on the "big" potty even with the little seat. It was too high and she felt wobbly. Once we tried that one, we had great success!!!