This classic moment is brought to you by The Squirt- reminding you to carry your camera with you at all times.

And speaking of shoes (and clothes):
Every change of season the same thing happens. I go into the girls closet expecting to have tons of stuff for the new season. I mean, I buy kid's clothes on a constant basis... how can I not have clothes? But every time without fail all the clothes I have that are season appropriate seem to be ten sizes too big. So much for shopping the sales off-season! My girls don't follow a normal growth chart. They could climb 2 sizes in two months, or they could be in the same 18 mos. size for 6 mos! It's crazy.

So again, I am caught in 80 degree weather with very few short sleeves and no shorts. Great. The girls also haven't grown into their cute sandals! They have like a foot left until they fit those things! Agh! Foiled again!

So out to the stores I go to buy overpriced in-season clothing items.


  1. Rylan is practically the boy I will never have - loving cars, tractors, horses and Tiger Woods. Reagan is just like Catie - loves to wear necklaces, my shoes and have a purse on her shoulder. Too cute! Those two girls are SO precious and I love the new layout of your blog!!!

  2. AHHH I soooo know what you mean!!! Hailyn (Although only five months old) has proven this phenomenon you so wonderfully explained- I can't shop off season- some outfits Hailyn's worn maybe once and others whe can wear fifty times- and the weather here right now is weird- it's supposed to cool off next week- sigh- what are we to do? (except wash the same three shirts over and over) ha ha- at least it's an excuse to go to target right?

  3. I understand that SO well. James asks me why I am always buying clothes for them...and I think "why am I? so odd" BECAUSE...they dont have anything!! It's ridiculous. But fun, in a way...kinda. ;)