I Love Raspberries

Raspberries are (kind of) back in season! I absolutely love raspberries. Anything raspberry flavored is my favorite- raspberry cheesecake, raspberry smoothie, raspberry lotion. Yum. Every time I eat raspberries I think of my grandma. She had a raspberry bush in her yard when I was a kid. (Only now do I realize what a green thumb she has- it's hard to grow anything out here!)
Some of my fondest memories are running out to pick raspberries with grandma. I developed an eye for picking out the sweetest ones- and staying away from the ones the naughty birds had already nibbled at. We had to pick them and put them in a strainer- then grandma would wash them and we would eat raspberries until we were full. Fantastic memories. Some day I'm going to plant a raspberry bush and see if it will grow.


  1. I love raspberries, too!! My grandparents had tons of them in their garden, and some of my favorite memories are picking them -- filling buckets to the brim and swalling handfuls. Ahhhh . . . childhood. I wish they weren't so expensive at the store, however. Let me know if you have any luck growing them.

  2. I feel that way about pomegrantes! I LOVE pomegrantes!At the school I used to teach at we had a garden and a pomegranate tree and every morning I picked one for breakfast (yes I had permission) we also had a beautiful garden here in Vegas- tomatoes, peaches,squash we even got a few pumpkins and a few lemons. what a wonderful memory! Eventually I am planting a garden for my students to learn horticulture and we will plant fun things, nurture them and help them grow- it's a wonderful lesson, they learn about nature and how things grow (important lesson) and we can eat the results yum! Let's plant some bushes!

  3. my grandma had blackberries bordering one of her feilds. (corn, you know) we would pick as many as we could find containers for, and eat them with sugar and milk. since i'm older, i go one better and do half and half. someday, when i'm feeling skinny, i will try cream. mmmmmm, yummy! gotta love summer!