Fun so Far!

Today has been gorgeous so far! The heat has moved on, and although it is windy, it is great weather! Here is some stuff we did today:

Thank you Logan, for teaching the girls to wrestle. That's great. (ahem) I know he taught them this because I called home while Logan was in charge of the twins and he described their evening of "rough housing." Now there's a lesson the girls needed! How to "rough house." Fantastic.

I don't think I've posted a video of the girls counting yet! They can count! Mostly up to ten. Amazing! I'm so proud of them. I (or the endless hours of Sesame Street) must be doing something right!

1 comment:

  1. YEAH!!!!! that's awesome! They'll be all set for school (althugh we cover counting if needed) but they've got it down! they are awesome! Sad the girls learned how to wrestle- I know Ryan will be teaching Hailyn in the next few years, despite my protests (cue the heavy sigh!)