Stuff From Today

Grandpa, Sarah + girls came over to play. Apparently the twins are really comfortable snacking on Pop Pop's lap!

Cut bangs! With a hairdresser mother-in-law, there's a lot of pressure! Did I do ok?

It was time for Scotty to get a summer-cut. He bites the groomer, and has been asked not to come back- so add dog-groomer to my resume!

Lusting after this: a classy way to say "I don't want whatever crap you're selling."


  1. One of my friends has a big vinyl lettering on her door that says "Welcome" and then underneath it in smaller letters "no soliciting." I loved it!

  2. I am impressed with your cutting skills. The bangs look cute. The dog I almost don't believe you that you were the groomer! Great job.

  3. I have three pugs that are going to need haircuts- I may need tips! I can not get over those eys in the "bangs" pic- adorable girl, adorable bangs!