Not Even Close!

Apparently, something needs to be cleared up- in a hurry. I get a lot of comments that my girls look "just like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen!" When I hear this, a little bit of me dies inside. This is NOT a picture of my girls:

Do you see? They look nothing like my twins! There are other differences. Yes, my girls are blonde with blue eyes, but that is where the similarities end. The Olsen twins are fraternal! My girls are identical! Vast differences, people.
They bear absolutely no resemblance to the Olsen twins. The mere thought sends shivers down my spine. Why? You ask? This is why:

Understand now?


  1. People are so weird!! They look a like just because they are girls and twins? Crazy. Yeah, I'll agree with your thoughts on those 2 Olsen twins... scary.

  2. When I was young I was told I could be the third Olsen- we looked alike when we were all younger- and now- well I am GLAD I look different (and your girls look nothing like the Olsen twins) be grateful-(that pircture proves it!) your girls are stinkin cute!

  3. Your girls are definitely cuter than the Olsens. What weird questions you get!

  4. The Olsen twins are fraternal?!?! How do you know that? They look identical to me....