Six Happy Things

So I was tagged by Erin, and since she's my cousin-in-law, I can't say no. :) Although I'm modifying it a little bit- If you want to do it, do it- you don't need a tag from me!

Six Things That Make Me Happy:

1. Crawling into freshly washed sheets at the end of the day.
2. Watching "our shows" at night with Logan. (ie Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Leverage)
3. Rainy, or at least cloudy days.
4. Ordering stuff I probably don't need off the internet. (Logan never reads this, so I'm safe)
5. Hearing the girl's interpretation of a word (ie "manket" for blanket and "susic" for music)
6. The first peach of the season. (I hate that they ever go out of season!)


  1. Those are all nice things. I put on clean sheets last night and I was so very happy -- so I relate! :)

  2. Fun list! I love clean sheets, too. But, not cloudy days so much.