The Problem With Ballet

I took a few ballet classes in college- and it was fun! I really do enjoy dancing and ballet. However, I am not the size I used to be in college. A few things that are required in ballet class- tights and a leotard. That's it. No figure concealing skirt thing- nothing. I have looked into a few dance places around town but I am still nervous about being this:

In a room full of this:
So perhaps later.... in a million years when I can look like that again.


  1. Hehe...thats funny. Bella is like 3x the size as the girls in her dance class...both tall and wide. I guess it doesnt matter so much when your 4.

  2. AHHHH yes-ballet- i did ballet for several years and guess what- even when I was rail thin I didn't have the 'ballet body'- or feet. I say- dance to dance- enjoy it and love it- no worries about the size (plus dance helps you get to that size- especially plies- ahhh the quads!) seriously take the class and ENJOY it- and if you want I'll take it with you:)Dance to dance!

  3. I've always wanted to be a ballerina -- they look so graceful and represent everything I'm not. I'd say, go for it! I'd join you, but I think I'm a lost cause.

  4. I actually think the big girl dancing ballet is cool. Look how she can still dance on her toes! What talent! And she doesn't look too bad either. Go back to ballet classes if you like it. I'm certain that if you sneak in wearing sweats no one could stop you! ;)