I need help deciding on appropriate disciplinary action for a husband who forgot Valentine's Day.
(and for the record- this is off the record) Logan and I had decided he was going to plan the night, and we would exchange letters- 20 things I love about you. (I got him off the exchanging gifts idea for my own sake- reference his lack of needing things and his unfortunate gift-giving abilities)
I made him swear he would get a reservation and buy movie tickets ahead of time. Well, I know he was busy- so was I! He made the reservation.... and that's it. We were left scrambling to find a good movie, a good time, blah, blah. And the movie theater was a mad-house (for obvious reasons).
And then there was the worst part- He forgot to do the letter! I had my letter, and a card. Plus a card from the twins! He didn't even get me a card! Nothing! Nada!
In order to ensure he doesn't let this happen again, I am going to get myself a very lavish, well something. I'm just not sure what. When my dad forgot a major thing (I can't remember birthday or valentine or anniversary) my mom bought a whole new living room set. I thought she was crazy as a kid- but now as a wife- I see the wisdom. So here are a few ideas I've been tossing around. If you have any better ideas, let me know!

1. Massage day for me, babysitting day for him.
2. Jewelry!
3. Scrapbook day (although this seems like more work for me)
4. New car for mommy! (little much? I'm not sure)
5. I get a maid for the weekend- and it's him. (I like the irony in this one)


  1. I am totally onboard, my husband also dropped the ball on any sort of gift on V-day, and I am enjoying the idea of purchasing my own :)

  2. Hahaha....thats awesome. I think you should do all 5 ;).

  3. lol bummer...I agree with Sarah. Do all 5!

  4. This sounds just like my man! Nothing after all those reminders!?! I think you should do 1 and 5 as a combo! This way you get a really good week-end. Let us know how it goes! That is so funny your mom bought a new living room set from a forgetful husband... I like you mom!

  5. I agree with Tricia -- number 1 and 5 combined. The spa would be great, and he can babysit AND clean while your gone (because, after all, that's what you do every day while he's working). You go girl!

  6. Luckily my neighbor talked me out of #4. We'll have to see about the spa. :)

  7. I just re-read the comments and realized I wrote "your" instead of "you're." I hate that grammatical error, and here I am being the perpetrator this time! :)

  8. UHHH YEAH! My hubby who is usually roses and cooking me steak dinner settled on ME driving to Fuddruckers, having our child scream, him scoulding me for taking her out of her carseat and then me giving him a sweet gift- I waited nothing- I wanted a massage but the place I suggested wasn't there- blah blah- so I went to ULTA and bought me some EXPENSIVE gorgeous nail polish (ruby pumps- sooo cute!) I also bought expensive foot cream (hello- he is giving me a pedicure!) and some awesome foundation- he still needs to spoil me with something else- I just haven't decided yet- I vote on the spa say for you- ahhhh men!

  9. Poor Ashley! Maybe Logan was more focused on dinner alone with you -where you didn't have to cut food into tiny little pieces - and he simply forgot the most important gift of the evening?? I think you take a day to yourself - doing anything and everything you like - while he is at home with those two cute girls!! Didn't you say a while back that you needed some Manolo Blahniks??