Big Butter

Seriously, big butter needs to be stopped. We feed the girls real butter to get them to gain some weight. But too many butters claim they are "spreadable." There is only one butter that is at all worthy of being called spreadable.All those other butters are simply liars! If they are spreadable, then I'm a monkey's uncle!

You can't just smack a label on a tub of butter deeming it spreadable! (I'm looking at you, Country Crock- yes a crock indeed! And Land O Lakes!) It still rips up a piece of bread like a woodchipper!


  1. Ahhh – you’re trying to get your girls to gain weight too? Same with us. So weird – Caedyn definitely didn’t get the “can’t gain weight” from my genes! I just wish I could take 10 lbs off of my backside and put it on hers – it’d make us all happy!
    I like Country Crock – but I’m sure we don’t get the “real butter” kind – I like the kind with yogurt. (sounds gross – but it’s good and spreadable!)