Organization, Here We Come!

I got a peek in the home of the most organized person I know. Her system is amazing! She has a toddler about the girls' age and another girl on the way. In her closet, there are neatly stacked clear boxes filled with toys. Only one can be out a day, and at night, the toys get picked up, put back into the box and it goes back into the closet. A different box of toys is brought out the next day. This way she doesn't have massive amounts of toys covering every square inch of her house, and each toy is played with and enjoyed more, instead of collecting dust and getting stepped on by parents.

You should have seen me- I had stars in my eyes as I gazed upon this system. So I came up with my own version of this system along with it's own theory on the situation:

We keep all toys downstairs. No toys in the girls' room means less things to distract us when they should be sleeping. Originally our downstairs was a disaster- toys everywhere. (seriously- it was like a toy bomb exploded on a daily basis) Until I boxed them all up, sorted them into categories: cooking, books, puzzles, dolls, trains, blocks, etc. We put the books in one cabinet with doors along with the puzzles. Then we put the other piles into clear bins that hide in our coat closet. They can only have one bin out at a time. If they want to play with a different set of toys, then they clean up the existing mess and put the bin away- then we open up a new bin of fun. It helps rotate the toys to keep from boredom and keep the clutter to a minimum. We also have a large foldable easel and foldable slide they can play with too! But the play kitchen stays out by the couch 24/7. So ultimately, when we have company over, the only kid thing in sight is the stylish play kitchen. My friends are amazed- and I get to chuckle a little bit inside at my superiority. HA!

I am pretty sure this is going to change my life!

....because I haven't posted enough pictures of the girls- I love a good random picture!


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm doing the same thing -- trying desperately to organize the dreaded toy room. I went to Target already, but I figured I needed to divide everything up to assess my needs (just like you're doing). Hopefully we can both reach this goal soon!

    And, so funny, I didn't think Fry Sauce was this Utah phenomenon until I traveled to other states. I figured EVERYONE enjoyed said condiment. :) Yes, I lived in a bubble.

  2. This is the best system! We use it...just because the kiddos can get so overwhelmed with too many options to play with!! They forget some of the toys they have and they are in heaven with toys they think are brand new!

  3. It's so nice to be organized- I worked on my organizational skills these past few weeks- it's awesome! Amber is one of the most organized people I know- shoes in clear bins- and she has all of Taylor's toys organized in clear bins and does the same thing- I aspire to be like her!