Decree #523

No more "dry clean only" tags. They are totally banned! If it can't go through a washer AND dryer- then it can't be deemed as "clothing." I just bought three pieces of clothing from the interwebs and I love them! .....but one is dry clean only and the other is my second most hated line: "lay flat to dry."

No more!

I fully intend on using my washer and dryer to their fullest for all of my fabric-cleanliness needs.


  1. I have a mutual hatred for those tags too! All my boys' Sunday clothes say dry clean only. Like I'm really going to drag them to the cleaners for a 18 month old little vest. Hmmm. No. I throw it all in the washer. Don't care. So far I haven't had any problems. Rebel...don't let them boss you around. Use your washer (and then pray nothing gets ruined!!) I did however shrink two of Bart's sweaters so much one time I think they would have fit Jackson. . .

  2. Ugh, hate dry clean only!!
    But I do lay flat most, if not all, of my clothes...makes them last longer.

  3. Ditto Ditto Ditto!!! I steer clear of dry clean only like the plague!