Happy Birthday... again!

First birthday.......Second birthdayHow fast they grow!

We had to get together a little bit for the girls actual birthday-day. They had a pretty rough day- we had to go to the doctors to get their immunizations. No fun on your birthday!
Grandmama and Grandpapa got us the perfect birthday present.... sock monkeys! We're so lucky to have family so close.


  1. Monkeys=Cute
    Immunizations=Not so cute

    Happy birthday, girls!!!

  2. How fun!! And yes you are VERY lucky! I can't wait to see ya'll.

    I'm sending them something, of course it's late...but its in the box w/ Grams and PopPops gifts.

  3. Awwww... happy birthday to your ADOREABLE girls! They are so dang cute! Ahh, the twos- get ready! Oh, and SOCK monkeys- coolest gift ever- Me encanta sock monkeys! They rock! Got your Happy new Years card- cracked me up! Oh, and my 'holiday' card was really Hailyn's birht announcement disguised as a holiday card- because i didn't want people to know I'm a slacker- two months later! Ha! Your new years card is PERFECT- i'll probably be on that train next year:)