Take a Look

...at your oven. Really look at it. Do you know what all the buttons do? I don't! I am still perplexed as to the difference between the bake button and the broil button. Exactly what is broiling? And why does it require a different button? Isn't the whole oven about heating things? Are there really different ways to heat things?

The microwave is a similar situation. What is the reheat button? What does reheating imply- is there some formula that only the microwave is aware of that "reheats" things properly?
I don't know about you, but I just throw stuff on a plate and guess. It's really an art- to look at a platter of food or a bowl of soup and estimate the time it takes to zap it warm. So why all the buttons? Potato button? Popcorn button? They tell me on the bag how long to microwave my popcorn! Why do I need a button?
And the power level! Maybe I'm doing something wrong (which is a given) but I disregard this entirely. If something says to microwave at 50% heat I just keep it on the normal setting and cook it half as long. Seems to work!

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  1. lol! i love this post for some reason. being older and...wiser?...i will therefore bestow my wisdom on you about ovens. broiling is when only one heating element is on (the top one) or it's a whole different compartment in a gas stove. it's for like melting the cheese on garlic bread and stuff like that. and if you use 50% power on your microwave then your food won't get all rubbery, in theory. so, now that i have imparted to you solutions to all the troubles in your life, don't you feel exuberantly bouyant? your welcome. ;)