Holiday Memories

I was watching this, (thanks Sarah!) and got to thinking about my husband's track record with gifts. The man tries so hard... but just doesn't seem to get it! The all-time most awesomely-horrible gift was our second Christmas together. When I unwrapped the Christmas present from my dear and loving husband, I was filled with excitement thinking what he would have chosen for me. After clearing away the wrapping, this is what I found:

This is merely a likeness of what I was given. The actual gift unfortunately met an untimely fate with a large waste receptacle shortly after hanging on the wall and "giving it a shot." 

Yes, what you are seeing is, in fact an illuminated picture of a waterfall. Yep, I can feel your pain from here. He explained to me that it was the perfect gift because.... I like... art! (being an art major at the time, he was somewhat correct on this assumption)

He also thought it would be practical for a nightlight and it made the "soothing sounds" of a waterfall as well! I was almost offended.... well ok, I was offended, borderline on livid. The thought that he picked this out, assumed I would be overjoyed at having an illuminated picture of a waterfall on my walls, complete with garbled water noises... it was too much to bear. This man had lived with me for two years and had no idea what I liked. This was surely a sign our marriage was doomed to fail. (luckily for me, marriages do survive backlit waterfall art) I will never let him live it down. I still don't think he sees the problem with a light-up work of "art" that includes realistic waterfall simulation motion and sound that he found at Walgreens!

If you, unlike me, think these things are the bees knees, I have located a place where you can purchase one of your very own. I'm sure you're delighted.


  1. He did NOT get you simulated waterfall art!? THAT is hilarious! Seriously hilarious.
    My theory is that men should stick to the lists we have perfectly written up for them!! :)

  2. Oh, my!! I thought Damon was bad! I almost cried I was laughing so hard. I give Damon a list or just buy it myself. It saves a lot of hurt feelings and I'm thinking he'll ever know what I like! I can't wait to see what Logan gets you this year.

  3. That made me laugh! Men, I swear. Ry's pretty bad- I now pick out four or five gifts I'd like, let him pick one and viola, surprise- still even last year he didn't pick off the list. Sigh. Men. Love the night light idea (not):)

  4. I have been begging him to go off my list! He refuses! I think he has the idea that if he loves/knows me well enough he can do it on his own.... this is obviously flawed logic. Because I have yet to get a present from him that I don't have to fake-adore.

  5. lmao! everytime we see those joe say 'those are AWESOME!'... now if he actually ever bought one, especially for me, he'd be sleeping with taylor! :)