I'll bet you're wondering why I'm up so early. And if you aren't- you should be. I don't do anything before 7:00. I refuse. Well, it's all because of my crazy husband. He needed to get up at 5am this morning to get ready early and go vote. Why is he voting today instead of the two weeks prior to this when he had every opportunity in the world? Because he thinks early voting is some type of scam or something, that the early votes don't really count. It's so completely absurd, it's hard to refrain from conking him over the head. But nonetheless, he's up at the crack of dawn- waking up the babies. Great. Fantastic.
There may be an "I told you so" moment in here for me, though. Lines to vote could be crazy, and he can't be late for work, and probably won't be off in time to go afterwards- so he may end up not being able to vote at all! Isn't that hilarious!


  1. yea.........I voted today too!!!
    Something about the actual election day voting....
    CALL ME A WIERDO AND I'll answer!!
    lol -- I'll call you my new YW President!!! WOO HOO

  2. ooooops....I mean secretary....
    phyche!!! lololol

  3. ...my heart kinda stopped for a minute there! Love ya, Cheryl!